Landing Sites

On the ground information for pilots, aeromedical crew and coordination centre teams.

Landing Sites is a fully coordinated approach to viewing and sharing airport, airstrip and helicopter landing site information with the aeromedical community.
A live repository that keeps all local information under one central location, Landing Sites helps aeromedical teams:
  • Stay on top of growing regulatory demands and operational requirements.
  • Enhance decision-making, patient coordination and journey planning.
  • Keep pilots and on-ground crew fully informed and safe.

Up-to-date landing site information

Landing Sites allows users to attach and retrieve images and documents relating to a site and find verified and accurate information, including:

  • Site overviews and descriptions
  • Site-specific protocols and procedures
  • Approach and departure information
  • Site status
  • Local contacts
  • Lighting availability
  • Closest fuel sources
  • Surface types
  • HLS performance class
Enhanced risk management

Landing Sites allow users to view known obstacles and can be used for, or complement, your required Aeronautical Information Management procedures. Issues can be quickly and easily reported (even by tired, time-poor pilots) for follow up by audit teams.

Improved flight planning

Effectively plan missions without unexpected landing site obstacles or delays. Landing Sites gives pilots and crew all the information they need in their preflight mission sheet, reducing time spent preparing for transport.

AMBFlight integration

Simplify operations and give your team access to verified, up-to-date information under one system, with Landing Sites and AMBFlight integration.

View information to plan, prepare and carry out missions — and set alerts for landing site status updates to allow quick decision-making when conditions change.

Plus, there’s no more double-handling, miscommunications or losing vital landing site information over email or phone. Landing Sites enables real-time sharing with data automatically pulled from different agencies and providers.

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