Mission-critical data, directly at your fingertips.

Software for modern aeromedical and patient transport coordination centres.

you moving.

AMBFlight is an intuitive, easy-to-use system to help you manage every aspect of your operations with confidence and ease.

Providing complete situational awareness across all levels of your organisation, AMBFlight helps your team manage and track emergency, non-emergency and routine patient transport, including:

Medical retrievals and prehospital patient care
Routine patient transports and inter-hospital transfers
Medical cargo transport
Vehicle maintenance and dispatch
Crew and pilot assignments
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No more paper, whiteboards, complicated spreadsheets or elaborate tangle of IT systems.
All your patient, crew and mission-critical data is stored in one central location and can be accessed with the click of a button.
Safe & protected
Hosted on the cloud, AMBFlight is available 24/7. So, whether you’re running a single seat or many, from the same location or geographically dispersed — AMBFlight gives your team access to the information they need when they need it.

Landing Sites.

A fully coordinated approach to Australia’s airport, airstrip and helicopter landing site information.

Landing Sites is a single central source of validated, accurate and up-to-date data for all pilots, aeromedical crew and coordination centre teams.

Stay on top of growing regulatory demands and operational requirements — and keep pilots and on-ground crew fully informed and safe — with Landing Sites.

for good.

We care about using technology to create meaningful impact for the communities we live in. We care about using technology for good.

Driven by innovation, and with a keen interest in stretching the boundaries of how we use technology to make an impact, we created AMBFlight — a software solution designed to make it easier for aeromedical teams to provide critical health services and lifesaving care.

With AMBFlight supporting a number of organisations across Australia, we continue to tinker under the hood. We’re constantly updating, adding and evolving features and functions based on what our clients need and how we can best support them to make the management of operations smoother, quicker and easier.

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